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Don't Diet. 
Live a lasting
healthy lifestyle.

Navigating the gym and how to program a safe successful workout can be very stressful. Additionally realizing that the gym isn't the only key factor involved in being healthy and seeing the result you want, can make you believe your goals are near impossible. Most people don't have the time to research in depth all aspects of fitness. That's why we've done it for you! We offer two Main Programs and two Add Ons. The most effective way to reach your goals is to choose Personal Training or Pain Relief along with Nutrition Coaching and Healthy Habits Coaching. With this combination you are most likely to reach your goals, but more importantly you are more likely to stick to these routines until they are just who you are. If you feel you have a grasp on your fitness but are just lacking in one area you can choose any program alone to take your fitness over the top. 

We make the entire process as simple as possible with the help of our in app features. From workout videos to recipes to daily habit tips, you have no excuse to succeed other than not wanting it bad enough. Follow our simple steps and we guarantee you will be on the way to the body you want within the month. 


Not seeing the result you want from your current routine? You are not alone. Our clients range from celebrities and models that need their routines tightened and topped off, to work from home employees that need a program built from the ground up. Using our app, you will receive 5 days a week of detailed workouts with video demonstrations. Weekly check ins are preformed to keep you accountable and allow us to tweak your program as needed.




Build the habits that turn your journey from "I'll try the next fad" to "This changed my life". So many times in life we set goals but don't set daily habits to reach those goals and so feel overwhelmed. Those small daily habits are what add up to result in massive changes. Learn and implement the habits of the most successful people across every industry. Don't let another day go by thinking you don't have what it takes. 




Does it feel like eating healthy is too hard, too time consuming and too expensive?We understand how frustrating it is to work your butt off in the gym and not see the results you want. After we build a customized calorie and macro plan to your goals, we provide you with quick, easy to follow recipes, along with tips and trick to shop healthy within budget. Once you master this aspect of your fitness you can watch the fat shed off.




Living with pain can inhibit so many aspects of daily life. Relieve pain from work or old sports injuries with our strengthening and lengthening program customized to your specific needs. After injury people tend to stop using that area completely. Our approach is releasing the muscles causing the tightness along with strengthening the muscles that are imbalanced. This process insures the fix is long lasting and not just temporary. 



Curious what these services cost in person or else where?

Personal Training:

Equinox $1600/month

Habit Coaching:

Up to  $250/session


1 0n 1 coaching $200/session

Pain Relief:

Sports Rehab $150/session

The RareBreed Difference

With RareBreed all aspects of your fitness are in one easily accessible location. Mixing and matching could cost upwards of $3,000 a month. Work with one devoted team and save thousands. 

The App

and the trainerize app

All of RareBreeds workouts, nutrition and habit coaching kept neatly in one accessible app powered by Trainerize. 

With videos and photos of each workout you receive there is no more confusion over what a workout is or if you are doing it right. The nutrition tracker can be paired to apps like MyFitnessPal so your trainer can track your meals daily and weekly. This is also where you will receive your meal plans and recipes. Habits can make or break your goals. With habit coaching and in app tracking you will feel more motivated and consistent than ever before. 

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Personal Training

A months worth of custom workouts with progressions sent after your first meeting. Follow the video demonstration to ensure every workout is done properly. Easily track your progress with uploaded photos or see difference in weight lifted on day one.


Nutrition Coaching

Simple, easy to understand calorie tracking. Example diets generated to your specific needs and goals. Follow along with the recipe videos to cook tasty, healthy meals that meet your nutrition goals.


Healthy Habit Coaching

Daily reminders with tips and tricks to get the most out of your fitness journey. Treating your body right outside of the gym is just as important as what you do in the gym. Learn ways to keep your body and mind healthy.

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